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About First Presbyterian Church

Meet our Pastor 

Rev. Dr. Billy T. Lowe has been serving as lead pastor of the church for 31 years. He is dedicated to sharing faith to the churches members and people in the community. He is very knowledgeable on biblical topics and a great resource to the church. 


Nurture Each Other in Faith

Dear First Family and Friends, 

Many things compete for our attention these days. The international situation is fragile and the economy is uncertain. This is a time to redouble our efforts to sustain the true beacon of light in our community: our church. There are so many wonderful things about our church that cheer the heart of our friends and those of the community…

We are a Serving Church 

In the past year, we began a new “Food Pantry Ministry” which partners with our Angel Food Ministry. 64 families have been fed through these ministries. Locally, 246 individuals have been helped with utility bills, medicine, rent, doctor visits, and counseling through our Pastor’s Benevolence Program.

We are a Welcoming Church

New member after new member says, “I visited church after church and felt so at home here.”

We are a Community Church

We participate in a wide variety of ecumenical ministries through the Cherryville Ministerial Association from special community worship services to ministries in our local nursing homes. We host meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Cub Scouts, the Ironmen’s Booster Club, blood drives, school meetings, and the list goes on as we express our desire to serve Christ by service to our community.

We are a Diverse Church

During the ministries of the Riddle/Erwin years, covering the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, there were hundreds of young families with children involved in wonderful activities. Today, we continue to replicate the quality of those ministries by seeking to appeal to young families whose children and teens are facing tremendous stress in American society today. We have adults and senior citizens who have found encouragement in our church for many years and to whom we want to expand our ministry and support.

We are a Growing Church

We are growing in faith and love. We are growing in our opportunities to serve the Lord through our ministries. We are growing in participation and service. We are growing in the number of disciples who put the “Glory of God” first, the church second and themselves third.

Stewardship Emphasis ministry, We ask that you prayerfully consider your role as a part of the First Presbyterian Church of Cherryville that God is sending to our world.

Church Altar

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