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Organist Position

Join us at First Presbyterian Church as our organist where music and worship unite. We cherish the profound connection between music and spirituality. If you’re passionate about both, bring your talents to our vibrant congregation. Let’s create harmonies of faith together. Apply now!

Job Description

Principal Function

 The Organist shall assume responsibility for providing service music.


Principal Duties

  1. Perform at regular Sunday Worship Services.

  2. Accompany the choir at services and Wednesday evening rehearsals.

  3. Performing at certain special services during the church year.  These services are planned by the Ministry of Praise for the church and normally include:  Lenten Services, Christmas Eve Service, Community Thanksgiving service (which rotates between area churches), Christmas and Easter Cantata and rehearsals as needed, and area Presbyterian services when FPC is the host church.

  4. Accompany the choir for extra cantata rehearsals.  This is in addition to the services listed above and normal weekly hours.  Normally this includes one or two extra practices before each cantata scheduled at the convenience of the participants.


Task List

  1. The organist selects, prepares and performs the music for prelude, offertory and postlude.

  2. The organist prepares and performs the instrumental accompaniment to choral selections selected by the Director of Music.

  3. The organist will act as a consultant when it is necessary to have another organist perform on the church organ.  This is for the protection of church equipment and the organist’s preset registrations. The organist will advise on the use of the instrument and coordinate any rehearsal sessions desired by an alternate organist.

  4. The organist will contact the Director of Music and the Financial Secretary when unexpected emergencies cause the organist to be absent from a service or rehearsal.

  5. The organist will advise the church through the Office Secretary or Ministry of Praise when any maintenance or tuning is needed for church owned instruments.


Work Hours

Wednesday evening: Choir rehearsal 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Sunday mornings: 10:30am to 12:00pm for choir warm up and 11:00am Worship

Special Events: Time as needed



Two weeks with compensation (Sunday and Wednesday = 3 hours/week).


Personal Days

Two weeks yearly with compensation (Sunday and Wednesday = 3 hours/week).



The Organist earns a yearly salary paid on a monthly basis. The amount is set yearly by the Session.


Unscheduled Absences

When an absence is necessary because of sickness or other reasons above the allotted vacation days, personal days or continuing education days per calendar year, pay for a substitute will not be deducted from organist’s salary.



Budget allotments are set for each year through the Ministry of Praise. If any additional money is needed for special purposes, the Organist should ask the Ministry of Care for Church Professionals for assistance.



If any problems occur or questions arise concerning the Organist’s duties, the Organist should contact the Ministry of Care for Church Professionals. The Ministry of Praise is overall responsible for music and worship of all special performances.



Salary:  $18,000  -  $24,000



Please send resume to:      First Presbyterian Church

                                                C/O J Champion

                                                107 West Academy Street

                                                Cherryville, NC 28021


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