Gather. Grow. Go...
To the Glory of God.


November 22, 2020

Celebration Of Worship

Christ The King Sunday

November 15, 2020 11:00am


Opportunities for Service

We Gather In Worship

Prelude  Joe Gainey

The Prelude is meant to be a time of quiet reflection as we prepare for worship

           Call To Worship

* Hymn Of Praise No. 559                     We Gather Together

* Opening Prayer And Our Lord's Prayer    ("debts" and "debtors")

* Apostles' Creed (Traditional)

* Gloria Patri

We Worship Through Meditation

Anthem Chancel Choir

We Worship Through Sharing

   Prayer Of Common Concerns

   Announce The Offering

* Prayer Of Dedication

* Doxology

We Worship Through Illumination

Scripture Reading                I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Sermon             Rev. Dr. Billy T. Lowe
                               "A Big Question And A Mighty Big Answer"

Our Journey Is Directed By The Word Of God

* Hymn No. 554        Let All Things Now Living

* Benediction

* Postlude Joe Gainey

* Those able, please stand

Announcements and Invitations

Phase 2 Reopening at FPC
One service only at 11:00 am. Live-streamed and recorded for Facebook and YouTube; VisitFPC webpage at to hear audio recording of the worship; Singing by the congregation; Social Distancing and Mask required;
No childcare offered during worship;
Thank you for your continued cooperation as we travel through
this pandemic. We covet your continued prayer support.
By Order of the Session.

Church Wide Ministries

.Middle School Ministry and PYC Thanksgiving Dinner this evening. See Stephanie
Mulvey or Chloe Holt for more information. PYC/Middle School Ministry will not
meet next Sunday, November 29. PYC will be going to the Billy Graham Museum in
Charlotte, Saturday, December 5. Middle School Ministry Outing – Sunday, December 6 for supper and see Christmas Lights at McAdenville.

.Cherryville Community Thanksgiving Service this evening at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 6pm with Rev. Zack Christy of First United Methodist Church preaching.

.C.A.R.E. Team “E” will be serving this week for our C.A.R.E. Ministry. They are
asked to come individually not as a group to pray and write cards. Please see your team captain for further instructions.

.FPC Care Ministry is ongoing with our CARE Ministry keeping in contact with our
shutins and writing cards that have been requested. For requesting prayer concerns and other matters contact the church office, Pastor Bill or email your request for the CARE Ministry to

.Sacrament Classes – November 24 (Holy Communion) – 7pm. Meet in the church sanctuary. Taught by Will Upchurch. Anyone welcome to attend.

.Please have all information for the December Newsletter, First Family Connection, to the church office by Tuesday, November 24.

.Church Offices will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday November 26 and 27.

.First Sunday in Advent – November 29. Pastor’s Benevolence (5th Sunday) Offering
Received. Funds from this offering benefit benevolence needs which come before the
pastor. You may also mail in your offering to the church office by November 29th.

.5cents-a-meal Offering – Received Sunday December 6. You are encouraged to be
collecting 5cents for each person per each meal in your household and bring your
collection to church on the first Sunday of the month. This offering is sent to the
Presbytery of WNC and used for their Outreach Hunger Program

.Teacher Training – Sunday School, Children’s Worship Center, Way of the Child,
Nurseries…. December 6 after 11am Worship. Lunch will be provided!! See Angie
Long/Jeanne Alexander for more information.

.Congregational Meeting – Sunday, December 13, immediately following 11am
Worship 1) 2021 Church Budget Presented; 2) To Elect 4 Elders to the Class of 2023.

.Christmas Eve Service With Communion – 7pm, Sanctuary. Social distancing and
masks to be worn. Overflow of people will be directed to the Fellowship Hall. This
special service will also be live streamed through Facebook. You may come by the
church office to pick up the prepackaged communion elements.

.Tentative Reopening For Sunday School is January 3. More information to come.

Other Announcements

.The flowers in the sanctuary are placed to the Glory of God and in celebration of the marriage of Garrett and Taylor (Long) Hastings, November 21, 2020 at First
Presbyterian Church. Congratulations and best wishes to this couple.

.Mailing address for Connie Wise – Carolina Care Center, 111 Harrilson Road, Room
304, Cherryville, NC 28021. Phone # 704.802.6118

.Complementary Copies of the Upper Room Devotionals for November/December
available from table at the parking lot entrance.

.Has Your Email Address Changed? Please contact the church office ( or call 704.435.6064, ext 101.

.Thank you for your continued financial giving. Here are some options to send in your Tithes/Offerings if you are not able to give it on Sunday mornings … 1. Via post office mail. Please note that you can place your check in the envelope, seal it, place a stamp on the front and mail directly. No need to place it in another envelope to mail.
2. Place the envelope in the silver, wall mounted, church mailbox which is also secured located in the alcove of the Fellowship Hall Hallway, Mulberry Street side. 3. Set up Bill-Pay through your online banking for your pledge to be sent to the church. If you need assistance you may contact Renee’ Reep (FPC Financial Sec) at 704.435.6064, ext 102.

.Hospital Based C.A.R.E. Ministry Update - If anyone knows of a church member who is admitted/will be admitted to one of the 4 local hospitals please contact the church office at 704.435.6064: Gastonia, Cleveland, Kings Mountain, Lincolnton.

.FPC Prayer Chain Ministry – A way to join together in spirit and to lift up others who experience unexpected illness or death. Call requests after 8:30am to Janice Howell, coordinator, at 704-435-3037.

Weekly Reporting

Faithfulness Through Church Attendance – 11am Worship
November 1   51
November 8   51
November 15  44

(As a courtesy to others please turn off the volume on your cell phone during Worship)


Welcome To First Presbyterian Church 

November 22, 2020

                 Please Note: Names are printed in Prayer Concerns for 

                2 weeks at a time as they are called in to the church office

Members – Don Alexander, Sandra Brown, Adam Crowder, Lisa Dover, Brandon Heavner, Sharon Heavner,  John Powell, Martha Sellers,Tommy Stroupe, 

Shut-in Members - Lois Boston, Kathie Browne, Nellie Carpenter, Bill Crawley, Dick Lester, Ann Ramsey, Joyce Sellers, Jim Sigmon, Marie Sigmon, Connie Wise

Friends and Family of Our Church Members –Martha Beam, Brenda Blanton, Bob Carpenter, Carolyn Cheves, Ann Craft, Donnie Dellinger, Gay Grabeel, Eddie Hamrick, Jeanne Homesley, Waelynn Johnson, Carl Lankford, Terry Lauaghlin, Betty London, Ashley Bailey Long, John Mervine, Steve Moss, Beckie Parker, Caroline and Ronald Philbeck, Jane Propst, Richard Puett, Pat Reed, Ashley Riggs, Betty Jane Robinson, Dot Scism, Nathan Snipes, Beverly Stiles, Karen Phillips Thomas, Robin Webb,  and Those Infected With The COVID-19 Virus

Military (Church Family & Friends) – FS1 Robert and YN1 Brandie McCants, 1st Lt. Mathew Simmons, Col. Mark Van Brunt   

Others – FPC' s Capital Campaign; Golgotha Presbyterian Church, Guatemala

Presbytery of WNC Prayer Calendar - Please be in prayer for First Presbyterian Church, Spruce Pine, NC.

    Recordings of the 11:00 am Worship Service are available for you to hear on our Church (Audio)        Website: for those of you who are watching FPC on Sunday mornings via live-          stream we encourage you to "Like" and "Share" so more people can see our worship Services.
  We also post our Services on Youtube after worship service has ended for those that do not have      Facebook.


Memorials / Honorariums
October 1 - October 31, 2020


Ava Anthony

Don, Newell Alexander Family        10/11/2020
Judi & Terry Browne        10/25/2020
Stan & Denise Capps        10/11/2020
Kat Sigmon                                               10/12/2020
Scott & Frances Mauney                10/11/2020
Bill & Mary Mauney        10/18/2020
Larry & Barbara McGinnis        10/13/2020
Joann Fritz Fleming & Robert        10/16/2020
Ronnie & Linda Wyrick        10/16/2020
Buzz Mauney        10/16/2020
Elizabeth Lovingood        10/16/2020
William Lovingood, Jr.        10/16/2020
Johnny & Brenda Stroupe        10/15/2020
Cathy & Jerry Wright        10/16/2020
Bill & Gerita Steene        10/16/2020
Ken & Kay Hallman        10/25/2020

Rodney Bridges

Tim & Becky Sigmon        10/15/2020

Gay Brown

Perry Brown                        10/04/2020

Mabel Brown

Perry Brown                        10/04/2020

Hugh Hudson

Betty Jane Robinson       10/31/020
Donnie, Jeanne & Jenna Alexander       10/26/2020

Jack Huss

Donnie, Jeanne & Jenna Alexander       10/26/2020

Doni Kerley

Julie Champion       10/30/2020
Renee' Reep & Family       10/25/2020

Alice Morgan

Don, Newell Alexander Family       10/11/2020

Marie O'Donnell

Betty Jane Robinson      10/31/2020
Renee' & Tony Reep      10/31/2020
Julie Champion        10/30/2020
Martel Sigmon      10/26/2020

Gerald Quinn

Don, Newell Alexander Family      10/04/2020

Lecy Quinn

Harvey Sellers     10/25/2020
Tim & Becky Sigmon     10/15/2020
Julie Champion     10/30/2020

J.T. Smith

Donnie, Jeanne & Jenna Alexander     10/26/2020

Rev. Jack Stafford

Anita Stroupe     10/28/2020
Tonya, Mike & Kayla Throckmorton     10/28/2020
Renna Long     10/11/2020
Tim & Becky Sigmon     10/15/2020
Melanie Thornburg & Family     10/16/2020
Johnny & Brenda Stroupe     10/15/2020
Betty Jane Robinson     10/31/2020
Ken & Kay Hallman     10/25/2020
Donnie, Jeanne & Jenna Alexander     10/26/2020
Martel Sigmon     10/26/2020
Patsy Randall     10/31/2020

Mag Stroupe

Kat Sigmon     10/25/2020
Renee' Reep Family     10/30/2020
Blair Beam     10/27/2020
David Stroupe     10/27/2020
Travis Dellinger     10/27/2020
Dean Starling     10/27/2020
Ben Huffstetler     10/27/2020
Chuck Dellinger     10/27/2020
Frances & Nick Hopkins     10/31/2020
Diane & Keith Tomerlin     10/31/2020
Pete & Reba Craft     10/31/2020
James Christian     10/31/2020
Mickey Payseur     10/31/2020
Betty Jane Robinson     10/31/2020
Bill & Gerita Steene     10/31/2020
John & Judy Talbert     10/31/2020
Billy Farris     10/31/2020
Jeff & Cynthia Cash     10/31/2020
Shelia Houser     10/31/2020
Don, Newell Alexander Family     10/31/2020
David & Cindy Stroupe     10/25/2020
Susan Stiles Long     10/31/2020
Doug & Kay Crawley     10/31/2020
Ken & Kay Hallman     10/25/2020
Donnie, Jeanne & Jenna Alexander     10/26/2020
Gary & Mary Beam     10/31/2020
Scott & Frances Mauney     10/25/2020
Carolyn Jenkins & Family     10/31/2020
Mary Jane West     10/25/2020
Barbara Stegall     10/30/2020
Julie Champion     10/30/2020
Martel Sigmon     10/26/2020
Dot Sigmon     10/31/2020
Patsy Randall     10/31/2020

Katherine Wiegel

Johnny & Brenda Stroupe     10/15/2020

Becky Wilkinson

Julie Champion    10/30/2020


Martel Sigmon

Harvey Sellers   10/25/2020

Bill & Brenda 

Bruce & Chris Barrett   10/08/2020

Brad & Angie Long

Dot Sigmon   10/31/2020